Aspiring to a slower, more conscious way of life, celebrating talented craftswomen as we go.
Take a look behind the scenes to see the ancient tradition of block printing. Preserving old techniques to solve a modern problem.
We celebrate and champion talented craftswomen, providing them with sustainable livelihoods. We release small, seasonless collections when they are ready, without production deadlines, enabling our female artisans to enjoy work and life on their own terms.

 Our Philosophy

We aspire to a slower, more conscious way of life – and this permeates everything we do. By celebrating the art of artisanal craft, we encourage the consumer to slow down, reflect and appreciate the tell-tale signs of the human hand at work.

We hope that our contemplative and thoughtful approach to making clothes generates a sense of emotional attachment to each item, creating sustainable relationships between the clothes we buy and how we take care of them.

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