To spread the joys of a slower, more conscious way of life, one block print at a time.

Our Philosophy

In a society that encourages over-consumption, the importance of slow, thoughtful fashion has never been more relevant. This mindful approach to garment manufacturing is at the heart of what BANJAARA is all about.

We strive to create garments that are both beautifully crafted and unique, providing the consumer with something that is special. When we own something that is special we tend to love it more. When we love what we own, we are more likely to take better care of it.

By celebrating hand block printing, BANJAARA encourages the consumer to slow down, reflect and appreciate the tell-tale signs of the human hand at work. Due to the nature of the dyes and the hand printing, each garment is unique; no two items are ever the same. Perfectly imperfect individual clothes. Loving something comes easily when it is truly special. 


Empowering women through sustainable livelihoods is a high priority for us. Our approach to manufacturing is community based. This ensures all members of the production process are paid fairly. We take regular visits to inspect our entire supply-chain where we are able to see first-hand the ethical work practices that create our beautiful garments. This ensures we remain accountable to the people we work with as well as our supporters.


We use the softest, highest grade cottons and recycled fabrics. Our colours are all made from plant-based dyes. The patterns are created individually using ancient block printing techniques; hand carved, hand printed. Our unique designs are timeless, meaning they will look beautiful for many years to come, avoiding the environmentally damaging impact of seasonal trends.

All of our garments are 100% biodegradable.