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Fast fashion can never be sustainable – it’s time for a creative rethink

Welcome to the BANJAARA journal. We’re here to explore how we can use creativity influenced by the philosophy of ‘slow living’ to bring about real change.

BANJAARA isn’t about flash trends, faddy fire sales, micro-seasons and cash or burn.

It’s about creating clothes you’ll love in every season – unique block-printed pieces, made by hand and designed with heart.

And because we’re working hard at every stage of our process to make truly sustainable fashion, we want to create a space for conversations on how to do it better.


BANJAARA - slow fashion, one block print at a time

Why fast fashion can never be sustainable

The challenges presented by fast fashion are no secret. The global fashion industry accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output – more than international flights and shipping combined.

It also produces 60 million tons of plastics every year. In fact, a 2021 study by RSA found that half of all fast fashion is entirely made of new plastics. Not even the recycled stuff.

The processes involved in bringing you that payday new-jeans buzz often rely on exploiting workers in developing countries, who can’t exercise their rights to safe working conditions, reasonable hours or fair pay.

Impossibly cheap clothes – and trends that change faster than the Cornish weather – are ravaging the environment with harmful chemicals, dyes and microplastics.

At the end of that cycle, some brands will even set fire to their unsold stock. All that human effort, energy and raw materials, literally up in smoke.

Can you still feel good about the clothes that you wear?

We still want to wear beautiful, affordable clothing, but we want to do so with peace of mind about our impact – knowing that we’re not harming people or planet with our choices.

So how do we square this without walking around in sackcloth?

Our brand philosophy is our guiding star, and we think it could hold one of the answers. We believe that if we can create clothes that are special, people will love them more. And when people love what they own, they’re more likely to take care of it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can a be a beach dress that’s as delicious to wear on its own as it is teamed with a chunky winter knit.

Encouraging conscious consumption, by creating ethically made clothes that are seasonless by design, can all help turn the tide.

Old techniques to solve a modern problem

When it comes to how we make clothes, the wheel really doesn’t need reinventing. As a sustainable clothing brand, we’ve been looking to the past to find ideas for the future.

Hand block printing is the oldest and slowest method of textile printing. It was around long before the days of mass production, artificial dyes and chemicals. It’s a low-impact process, all done by hand, using plant-based dyes.

By supporting today’s artisans, we can help keep this craft from being forgotten tomorrow. We’re working with people in marginalised communities in Jaipur, to create sustainable livelihoods with fair pay for people like Sushila, while keeping the environment front and centre.



Making affordable slow fashion without costing the earth


Heather block print dress

Block prints are real beauties (just look at Heather dress, one of our favourites). But because they’re handcrafted, they cost more. We know – particularly right now – that spending out for ethically produced clothes is a luxury choice not everyone can make.

So, by selling direct to you online, we’re working hard to keep our overheads down, to make our prices as accessible to as many people as possible. Our margins are tighter, bringing us well below the usual markups of traditional retailers.

We want BANJAARA to be the clothing in your wardrobe that stands out among the rest. A piece of wearable art that will stay with you for years as trends come and go

Wearable prints, inspired by slow, conscious living

Our handprinted pieces are inspired by a strong sense of place, by what grows from the moments when we slow down and connect with nature.

The BANJAARA crew in the UK are lucky enough to live in Cornwall, home to some of the most soul-restoring seascapes and wild corners of the world. It’s our playground and sanctuary, consolation and inspiration.

Some of our designs start life in the form of a piece of art. We create a watercolour at a Cornish location, then develop it into an illustration once we’re back in the studio.

Following several hours immersed in the environment, a seed of inspiration from the illustration emerges that translates into one simple, organic shape that can be applied in block print patterns. The Dabu printing process is a big part of this, gently eroding the straight lines and creating abstract shapes that take on new qualities with every hand print.

That’s what makes our artwear truly special – each cotton-pressed print is one of a kind, beautifully different from the one before and after. We’d love you to take a look and find your next piece with us, whether it’s to wear or to hang on your wall.

Where will our stories head next?

This blog will seek to explore the true value of slow, conscious living. We will share the inspiration behind BANJAARA, and hold insightful conversations with fellow creatives committed to pushing the boundaries of slow, conscious living offering inspiration to us all. We will explore the art of block printing, looking at every step of the process and why we beleive it’s one solution to the challenges of fast fashion.

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