Our Core Principles

"When I started BANJAARA five years ago, I made three important promises; BANJAARA's trade would directly empower the producers, we would tell their stories and consider the planet in all our decisions." Ruby, founder


Financially empowering rural, marginalised women through meaningful livelihood opportunities is a core focus of BANJAARA. We proudly act as a bridge that connects rural female artisans with the international slow fashion market, crafting ethical and sustainable garments. The wages provided from our partnerships empower both craftswomen personally and as mothers by creating opportunities to invest in their children’s education, health, and well-being. As a female business owner, this is what really motivates me to grow BANJAARA.

We take regular visits to inspect our entire supply chain where we are able to see first-hand the ethical work practices that create our beautiful garments. This ensures we remain accountable to the people we work with as well as our supporters.

Storytelling is import to us. We believe that slow fashion can have a transformative impact for our craftswomen. We want to show this by amplifying their voices, highlighting their stories of empowerment and progress. The fashion value chain should uplift everyone involved, from the producer through to the consumer. We want to make the women behind our clothes visible and feel that they can share their voice. Our handmade clothes are not just garments – they are craft, artisanship, cultural heritage, empowerment.



We use the softest, highest grade cottons, wool and recycled fabrics for our garments which are made in small batches to significantly reduce waste. Our colours are all made from plant-based dyes. We make every effort to preserve ancient manufacturing techniques that use less energy than modern approaches. For example, our block print patterns are created individually using ancient wooden block printing techniques; hand carved, hand printed. Our unique designs are timeless, meaning they will look beautiful for many years to come, avoiding the environmentally damaging impact of seasonal trends.